The Daring Souls

I know that you can see
Through the walls, unfailingly.

I know your suffering
When they gather with a contrived face
To comment the paintings on the wall,
The reflections on the paper,

And accuse your distant look
And your dreamy words
Of unfitness to function.

Let them get lost, they will find you,
Let them approach the panels’ grain
Closer, closer, let them discover
The Teaching of Transparence
As walls dissolve.

Let the strainer of pierced matter
Filter the daring souls, consciousness explorers.

Held in hands, stone statues come back to sand.
In your back, endless comments from trinkets traders

Calling you brazen and ignorant
Here again, I know you suffer.

Let them sort out their trifling business
Let their lives swirl until they collapse
Let them bog down, covered in dead clay

You keep returning to winds the sand from the shores.
You keep your fingers dancing that free and skillful dance.
In open sea breezes

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2020 – All Rights Reserved
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