Awakening Behind The Bottle Label

Meditating is a bit like trying to scrape the corner of an old label stuck on a glass bottle.
Some will tease it with the tip of their fingernail where the less adhesive corner starts to peel off.
This is the playful and sensual approach
and it is not guaranteed to lead to anything more than that : soon enough, obstacles will show up and they will grab another glass bottle….

Others may frenetically scratch the surface with their five fingers until it starts to reveal the transparency of the glass and the liquids dancing behind.
This is a strenuous approach : those who go for it seem to grant more value to the effort than to the results it might lead to. They run the risk of drifting off track and losing themselves in tedious display. They often end up in a myopic relationship to the practice itself.

Others, that we generally have not noticed as they moved along the way, reach out the finger of mindfulness over one of the folded edges.
In an innocent and profound movement, they remove it completely.
At this moment, what else could they have done ?

Franck Joseph
©FJ Jan 2021- All rights reserved.
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