The Darkening Skies of Parenting

As children move along the maturing process, they often have their newly gained wisdom level preceded by a more or less chaotic and regressive phase. This latter is often disheartening and seems to be located poled apart from any omen of evolution toward a a ground of psychological adulthood.

Any parent who has been given the opportunity to observe children blossoming knows that unobstructed skies of upbringing often herald rainy days.

From where we stand, we have the possibility to listen beyond those frightening winds to the breeze already blowing from from plateaus of serenity.

A diver emerging from obscure depths of the sea knows he will have to expel the salty liquid clogging the scuba.

As he exits the uterus, the baby finds the strength to initiate his lifelong breathing pattern within the very chaos of viscous fluids. He is guided by a wisdom shining beyond.
As he feels himself dying, he comes to life.

The parent does not react emotionally to spurts of tantrum. They don’t respond, for for they are aware these are behavioral contractions as their child gives life to himself.
He delivers the adult already waiting in the anteroom of becoming.

Franck Joseph
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