Teaching and Filtration

The presence of a teaching matters so much that it actually often draws the way our feet have started to walk.

And when it comes to differentiating the authentic way from the ornamental path, the presence of a teaching can be a determining criterion.

‘Teaching’ resonates on several levels :
Information engineered via a pedagogical twist, this latter being an expression of wisdom.
But this is definitely not necessary…thinks of the silent teaching, which Ramana Maharshi loved the most.

Ahead of a teaching, we need a teacher. If we follow the same pattern of refinement, this teacher does not have to take the shape of a human being.
Teachers could have a non-human shell… and emanate from other worlds, lands, dimensions, you name it.
Fishing lines are thrown way beyond space oceans and time rivers.

A master can also be situational (the context is the teacher).
The definition of what a teaching is has now been broadened in such a way that it may be quicker to ask ourselves the question of what is not a teaching.

Teaching arises out of wisdom – personified or not,
Because it has been forged in the cauldron of wisdom, it needs to be adapted to the recipient being, whoever that may be.

Then, any bunch of told material applying for the title of ‘Teaching’ whose wording or forms are ill-adapted to those to whom it is conveyed (which means, no actual reception has occurred) can not be called a genuine teaching.

To put it simply : this is what Jesus said about the tree and its fruits.
Use the present to question the past.
Read the absence of serenity in people claiming to belong to such and such traditions, master, teacher….Question the authenticity of the teaching.

Still, the dirty water that I collect is no sufficient data to blame the purity of the source. A mountain stream irrigates terrains without discrimination. And a muddy parcel will no doubt trouble the water it claims to proceed from.

Let’s see, then, how time may allow filtration to operate…

Franck Joseph
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