God Means ..

God means the bottom of your soul, your most intimate self, as Meister Eckart put it.
You can look elsewhere, but be prepared for inconsistencies and frustrations.

The deepest meaning comes from your deepest self.
When you are blessed with the grace of a peek at these depths,
all traditions reveal their underlying meaning.

The skin on your eyes falls off.
As it falls off, tour eyes give meaning to the teachings of all traditions.

As you crawl underneath never ending debates and comments,
You lose interest in the conceptual and cultural features of all traditions.
The root of your soul has revealed its colors.

The colors or your deepest self, the colors of God,
Bright and serene, pulsing peace,
Reaching out your desperate thoughts,
Appeasing your fiercest sobs.

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2021- All rights reserved. (Text and Photo)
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