But A Dream

Imagine a dream….
You are giving yourself over to circular pleasures,
Hidden by the surface foam from troubled waters,
Until you notice distant flames on the shore
Waving out of the hut you abandoned,

You then start swimming as fast as you can and, out of breath,
Manage to reach the heating root of the fire and cover it with sand.

You know you have been very close to full destruction,
You’ve only be saved thanks to this flickering bit of Mindfulness which, against all reachable odds, Turned your eyes to the shore that very moment.

This dream is the form of your life.
And your life has the form of this dream.

This guilt you feel from having been so close to losing your shelter is a powerful feeling.
Placed under scrutiny, it reveals that mindfulness and ‘punishment’ are two aspects of the same coin.

You are punished by the absence of mindfulness.
Negative retribution is simply an external perspective, a narrative outlook.
Mindfulness is the inner reality.

Breathe deeper :

Now, where is your home ?
Where are you ?
Are you playing in the undulating rumble of nearby waves,
Or deeply rooted in the Center of Mindfulness ?

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2021- All rights reserved
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