Spiritual Exercises, By St. Ignatius Loyola (note)

This is not a literary commentary, nor some hermeneutic content.
To say the truth, I have not read the entire text et, at this very moment, I have absolutely no idea whether I might one day do it.
This, is just a note, scribbled along, as I’m reading the introductory pages the author of the Spiritual Exercises himself wrote :
(Here, translated from the French)

« Man has been created for this end : To praise the Lord, his God, to respect Him and, by serving Him, Man will thus be saved ».


« This is why we need to live without making any differences among all created things. »

Under former circumstances, I had already initiated this reading, and interrupted it very quickly, I did not expect to meet it today in such an open spirit.

Though those preceding experiences, I was with a mild animosity, a jaded despair that I had closed and put the thin book away.

My surprise, as those short paragraphs do not result in such dead-end scenario, is actually a motion of inner joy.
It is impossible to me, by looking at the cited passages to see any difference between
« praising the Lord » and « Sitting Zazen » ; between,
« Man has been created for this end » and « There lies Man’s deepest Nature » : between,
« serving the Lord and finally be saved », and « Freeing oneself from illusions »

I thereby overlap, without feeling the least need to refrain, our Zazen Practice, the experience of our deepest Nature and our Freeing from illusions, on the one hand, and words from the Exercises, on the other.

In the same manner, the emphasis on non-differenciation in our approach to Reality coincides with Mahayana teachings on the attitude of a Bodhisattva.

Franck Joseph
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