Soul Perfumes

There is an aroma for every soul,
Something in the air,
Unrelated to age or experiences,
A deeper connection, ahead of it all

Some fragrances suit us, let’s discuss those for a little while…

They remain integrated to our subtle nostrils, despite all contexts and tribulations.

I’m thinking of this person I connected with during childhood.
After what feels like a thousand light years distance/time, we now meet again.

Her soul perfume just hasn’t changed.
Something in the cells, a code buried so deep,

We are dancing together, just like we did back then,
just like she danced between my index fingers held out for her to take a grip,
when I was six and she was two, as she crossed her mother’s garden,

trying to learn how to walk again, one foot, another…

Our line-drawn faces, our drowning bodies,
Hers, mine, have not changed a single thing
This can never begin to dent what binds us
In the Realm of Soul Perfumes.

Franck Joseph
©FJ March 2021- All rights reserved
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