Judge Not – (Note)

Whatever the situation we’re always doing what we consider to be the best adjustment, the most suitable adaptation, considering our inner balance and it’s potential disruption.

Therefore, how can we blame people who did the best they could, given the person they were, knowing what they did, at that precise moment ?

What we might call ‘evil behaviors’ is a poor attempt at doing well.

We should cultivate a broad span of perception
in others to help them have a better informed vision of their overall balance,
and in ourselves to refrain from sliding on the judgement slope.

Forgiveness is not so much an action or a decision as it is a change of perspective, a sideways jump, off the judgement paradigm

Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ March 2016
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  1. Dear one, it took me many years to stop hating and then even to find forgiveness for one who committed murder upon one of my own family. It was the years of hating that caused me so much physical and spiritual grief. How i can not get that time back, and if so, would have done it the same?. How i am always close to tears and yet can not hold closely the enlightened moment of forgiveness, it is like a secret hidden from even my own family. That struggle makes me look at all people with admiration and love. But i hate myself. Do you understand this balance?. Please be safe and well. greetings from Oz.

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    1. Hello Gary,
      Your message really moved me…I really didn’t mean to stir those memories…I believe the initial intention was more to relate to daily matters.

      What you are sharing here must have been terribly haunting. I can really feel the emotional fragility this still raises through your message. You appear to be acutely aware of being the first casualty of this resentment.
      My guess is you must have wells of wisdom to tap into in order to go through all this. Are they so consubstantial to you that you sometimes forget them ?
      You certainly are of great resource for the people in pain around you.
      It is difficult for me to understand why you are being so hard on yourself.
      This has given you a perspective that remains inaccessible to most people. Do you see that?

      As this is a private content, i chose not to make it public, unless you want me to…

      A bientôt, Gary


      1. Dear franck, i am very happy to publicly share my small truths, and how much i have come to understand that when we look another person in the eye how quickly it is possible to make quick judgement without considering they perhaps are more than the one looking, this is how all people now make me smile, for i just simply want to love them for all the things that i hoped i could be loved for. Your outstanding posts resonate deeply to me, thank you for that. Sometimes it (for me) is as though a second of enlightenment must be held onto tightly for a lifetime, for they are seldom and often illusive. Your post simply triggered this. So once again i thank you for what you do. Peace and love from Oz.

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