« Forgive them Father, they know not… » (note)

Cruel words are not so for whom pronounces them.

Therefore the angry, anxious or frustrated speaker should never be blamed, nor should he be the recipient of our resentment.
He just does not know.
He is trapped in his own perceptions and balance-restoring twisted mechanisms: being cruel, rude, shouting, violent is how he restores his precarious and unstable well-being in the extremely short term.

This perspective on others is made possible once we have had it on ourselves:
it seems to me the practice of meditation favors a re-calibration of our impact awareness.

What we do, what we say, what we think
keeps influencing our environment, and we spend most our lives « not knowing ».

Once we are given the enlightening opportunity to see the harmful way we have been paving, be it this last minute or/and these last decades…we should pay special attention not to resent ourselves for the damages caused by our actions/words/thoughts…though it is difficult not to feel shame for ourselves, and it certainly is part of the calibration process mentioned above.

I now realise how much damage and chaos I have caused.
I do not vow I won’t do it again, because it is not a commitment,
I won’t have to make any effort not to, as my real nature has been re-calibrated. I will just be the person I’ve always been, the person I am, non-blurred by layers of ignorance.

I knew not. I do now.

Franck‌ ‌Joseph‌ ‌ – ©FJ‌ March 2016
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