Sitting and Whipping

We need to sit a simple zazen,
To allow space to insufflate.
A ‘strong zazen’ is a constriction,
The spirit of peace cannot squeeze in.

A rigid and fighting approach to sitting meditation can sometimes be beneficial to the disciple, if it leads him, though self-induced tensions to experience the end on his entrenchment path : where he can, at last, let it all go and settle for a supple posture.

There, in the midst of his defeat, he’ll come out victorious.

There is a similar logic in a certain understanding of Christian humility. This posture of humility is an inner language, answering the suffering generated by the posture itself.

The believer has to go through pain and humiliation to truly understand humility,
Like the disciple has to go through tensions and obstinacy to truly understand softness.

This notion on Christian humility is often integrated in a weird way.
This pain-centered misunderstanding opens the way for all kind off Black Peters, pulling in their stomachs to better stick out their chests, self-proclaimed masters, so small, so humble…

The experience in humility is a true blessing.
Unexpectedly, it may as well never occur through the humiliation channel.

The ego, on which has been imposed such a bleeding,
has no other choice but to flow out through the wound.

Through softness, the hard stance always finds a way out.

This is why we need to thank the insulting, the unkind, the aggressive debater, trying to inflict humiliation on us. This person helps us discover the wealth of simplicity when there is no time to lose trying to defend the undefendable, to hold the impossible positions of inner stiffness.

©FJ April 2021
Groupe de Pratique

Merci à tous

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