How to Love (?)

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-Think about someone…Pick one of your relationships.
Not anything sweet and tender.
Something dry.
The one person who makes you sad, the one who makes you want to think about something else.

Don’t think about anything else.
Maybe this person is only a few meters away ?
(…Let’s admit the most fossilized situations often are those we experience on a daily basis. It is true that these situations making the days of our lives are those in which we struggle the most vigorously. And the more we struggle, the tighter the knots.)

Maybe this person only stands a dial away…
If she/he is not there anymore, be it physically inaccessible or emotionally unavailable, think about him/her anyway.

What behavior can unexpectedly burst in the middle of this conflict situation?
What twist of perspective can turn a cold and monolithic stone into a freely flowing stream ?

The wooden wedge is in place, waiting against the log for that precise hammer stroke.
You need to be warned: this is the beginning of an extreme adventure.
Far-flung places explorers may not have what it takes for this living-room experiment.

Of course, we won’t know what it is like to feel these surface pebbles give in under our feet as we are trying to climb up the mountain wall.

But the heart does not beat any slower when it comes to overcoming relational inertia by injecting new data in the matrix.
In both cases, life itself is at stake.

When facing tension, non-communication, act out of pure life, look for inconsistency, dig out the unexpected.
Make the first notch in the frozen lake, take the first breath of a newborn child.

Trust, imagine, engulf in these creative potentials.
Who built the first fence around this tiny turf where you heart is withering ?
Come out and play ! Stretch out a hand, lift up your gaze, offer your heart.

Be a player. Try a word, then two, and a sentence…
See the adventure unfurl before your eyes.

It is the experience of freedom.

Not the so-called freedom which makes us believe we have the opportunity to choose among a multitude of products,similarly useless and mind-numbing.
Not the unbridled freedom, freely provoking, cynically pulsing its sarcastic spurts from a disillusioned heart.
Above all, not the playful type of freedom displayed by teenagers aiming at themselves and others.

The freedom we are referring to is a creative freedom.
It is making up its own way out of situations, gleefully hopping over the walls of the labyrinth.

It goes beyond.

Beyond propriety and decorum,
Beyond beliefs and female magazines,
Targeting and marketing, dialogues in TV programs,
Beyond good and evil and preconceived patterns.

Beyond the plans where
You’re trapping and drowning me, 
Beyond fixed systems where
I’m expecting to find you…

…Is the reign of freedom horses.
Ride one of them.

Do not wait for one more night,
Compelled and heavy-hearted.

Unlock bodies
Let words flow
Down in our rusted tanks.
How often have been left
Decanting, rotting
Damaged and damaging.
By the bitter waiting
For the soft hammer
Relieving the pressure
Letting them flow back in

              The daring Streams of Life.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Juillet 2018 – All Rights Reserved
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4 commentaires

  1. J’aime le travail réalisé sur ce blog. C’est beau, c’est net. C’est reposant, édifiant, menant à la méditation. Dans ce monde de plus en plus difficile, vous représentez la sérénité. Merci !

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. Bonjour,
      Merci à vous pour cet aimable commentaire. Je ne saurais avoir d’intentions prioritaires à celle ci : inviter à la pratique.
      Merci également de reconnaître qu’il s’agit bien d’un travail, au sens — je l’espère, du moins — noble..
      Très bonne soirée à vous.


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