God Is Hovering (2/2)

This article follow on from God Is Hovering (1/2) -notes

Friendly enough, this biblical advice reminds us that there is no use in looking for God where He can’t be found.
This may as well be the biggest secret, the most powerful key in the whole Bible.
From the very first lines of Genesis : God is Hovering…
And turning chaos into cosmos.

Precisely because the Bible is made of both words and Word : There lies an important warning to readers :

‘Do not expect words to give you anything more than what words can do’.
Just like the Wise Man’s finger and the moon, don’t stare at the words for too long.
Go back up the thread of silence. Hold it tight throughout the various landscapes, so you won’t get lost.
The Bible does everything it can to keep you on track.
As words, the Bible offers the best words can do.
Of course it reflects duality. This is all words can actually do.

Being the product of words, thoughts, language, all texts are necessarily reflecting duality.
You can never blame the finger for being just a finger.

You can never blame the finger for its inability to light the night sky.

©FJ May 2021
Groupe de Pratique

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