God Is Hovering (1/2) -notes

I sometimes feel God is brooding on thoughts
In our inner language, God is taking shape
Through words, God may hatch out.
Way ahead of all this maturation process,
In the undifferentiated aspect of thoughts material
God’s spirit is hovering.

The Spirit of God, gliding ahead of our mind space, non-diluted in proto-language soup, is the God of the Bible. The One we cannot name, the Tetragrammaton.

I would not be able to discuss semantics in the Hebrew Bible…So I will stick to the English language.

What in grammar, we call ‘modality ‘can be understood in two different ways :
One perspective is said ‘pragmatic’ : it deals more or less with authorization and capacity. ( What we CAN do)

Another is ‘epistemic’ : it is concerned with probability (what MAY happen)

Now, in the light of this distinction, let’s consider the traditional ban :
We can’t name God.

Here, the expression of modality is epistemic, more than pragmatic.
We are not looking at an interdiction (Thou shall not name….) but are more certainly considering a statistical impossibility, a zero probability (you will not have any possibility to name God.

We therefore understand that the god we name is not the Spirit of our inner life.
And we will not get struck by any thunderbolt from divine sanction.

We, readers, are just being informed that whatever we might talk about whenever God is named, is not really God.

Franck Joseph
©FJ May 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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