Meeting Beyond Conflict – ‘We Had A Fight’

He is not talking about objective facts, the violence of what has really been said…
But about the thunderous resonance these words had in his inner architecture.
How walls and pillars have quaked for him at that moment.

This is the exact location of the absence of understanding causing this discussion we’re having.

For you, this is nothing : a couple of interjections, quick outbursts from raised voices.
For him, those were terrible verbal abuses and severe soul scraping.
And you are both right.

You both refer, in non-stackable terms, to a common time-space slice.

You refer to words. He talks about his sensitivity.
Those words you are reporting to me, the states they are supposed to point to, may not even have existed. Have you considered this ?
It is possible that you heard them as you wished, as you feared.

There was nothing else but two subjective experiences of reality confronting each other.
Tough these two facing perceptions can never truly meet, it is not a sufficient reason to keep your two beings apart.

She has to tell you about her intentions,
You need to let her know about your sensitivity
And the other way around.

Groupe de Pratique

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