A Private ‘Game’ (Note from a Dream)

I’d like to share with you something private, something intimate.

This is not something I usually do. At least, not so bluntly and devoid of the necessary rhetorical filters and narrative adjustments.
I guess I’m getting tired of all that.

Anyway, those who can really see the privacy, the intimacy of what’s coming would so despite all customary filters.
Those who usually can’t, certainly won’t see anything anyway.

Note :

Sentence heard in what we commonly refer to as a dream :
I was running on a road lined with fencing, in the middle of nowhere, escaping from a place of confusion : some dusty warehouse, a place associated with boredom and restrictions.

There, a strange kid appeared, turned her face to me and said :

-“The game is in the game
The matrix is in the game
There is a game within the game”

This sentence had such an impact on me that it had me walking through the next few days in a ghost-like manner,
Incredibly focused and peacefully doubtful.

Franck Joseph
©FJ May 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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