The Tsunami Child and the Shore Parent

This is a Re-Post

When he emotionally overwhelms his father
The child sweeps away everything on the path.

You’d better have few belongings to cling to,
Lest you get hurt
Few attachments to the illusory world,
Lest you suffer

The tsunami child is the real world.
He’s here, rumbling at the door,
The wave is here, infiltrating everything
Washing, sanding off the smallest corners

The Shore Father, when he’s not ready to get severely shattered
by the breaker of love from the Tsunami Child,
Misses the deepest teaching in his adult life
The most wonderful of occasions to get afloat.

What he usually feared as the worst of reluctances to change,
The scariest turnoff to life explorers,
Happens to be the most incredible of all adventures
He will ever get to experience in his lifetime.

Trapped in his inner obstructions,
in his puerile breath-holding,
in his hard-liner shortsightedness,
in his obstinate ignorance,
in his inability to simply live,
he might refuse it all along.

The wild wave of love hits the shore
And recedes, leaving giddy whirls of sand
mindlessly swirling in circles.

Unable to be who is is
Unable to be anyone else
The Tsunami Child is then but a swell of tears
Undulating in the distant mist.

It takes the father to find his orient again,
To accept the rays of pure light as they hit his surface
He will become like the moon as he opens up wide
The ocean will then plunge amidst his clogged-up being,

And renew everything
Never asking for why.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Feb 2020

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