What Direction For My Life ? ( Audio Note)

(This is a typed version from an audio note)

The one question that you are supposed to ask yourself when considering to engage in one activity or the other is…..
There are times which can really be complicated matter to get to decide what direction you’re going to give to your own life…eventually I’ve come to encounter one very simple criterion to decide. It occurred to me as I was trying to pick a professional training course, considering several issues, one that was very intellectually satisfying…and the second item, actually overlapped the first one….to know whether it would open on some kind of diploma or certification or anything to make me socially highlighted whenever displayed in a mundane context….
It would make me appear as someone of value…someone interesting…

And to be truly honest, they would never overlap the first two tags of ‘intellectually challenging’ or ‘socially self highlighting’…
What I’ve come to decide, the one criterion that has finally enabled me to come to a final choice totally appeared to me, out of the blue, when I remembered what direction my life has taken these last ten years…
The one thing, the one element in my life that has become ground for everything else : I am a practitioner.
I am a practitioner… and this is deeper in me that my own identity…Therefore, totally cancels off, erases the previous tags.
This bodhicitta, this ‘little light of mine’ , hence the final question that would help me decide which direction I can give my life.
On an extremely short run, what am i going to answer my son if he asks me or interrupts me…If I have to take five seconds to decide …

This question is : what is going to be more of a help for other people ?
‘Other people’ being all the people I am going to come across.
All the people.

Franck Joseph
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