Night Breathing

Tonight, as I switch between the comfort of a Kyoto hotel room which offers me a comfortable double bed,
and the accusation of incongruity that arises in me, as soon as I grab a blanket to sleep on the floor, seeking an answer from the surface, the freshness from in outside conveyed by the window glass,
I can testify this once again, very concretely:
There is a tight causal link between the body position on the floor and the de-cluttering of the ENT sphere, relaxation of the back …
The back-and-forth swing between guilt and instinctive listening allows me to underline the connection between bed and body congestion, floor and clearing of the airways …

Added to this are the effects on muscle relaxation favored by the position on the ground.
The answer from the floor can actually be heard.

The monologue of an unresponsive body buried in a mattress creates tension that is distributed throughout the spine.

Franck Joseph
©FJ August 2021 – All Rights Reserved
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