Stealing Back Time

Banging my head in your narrow minds is suffocating : I need to get out.
And I’ve wither
ed long enough in the dullness of your aspirations.

Your complacency splits my heart in two
and the myopia of your lives crushes me.
every day, every night.

The direction of lines ahead is one of unfairness, I’m saying it.
And I do not see sufficient reason to the feed the running gag for another minute.

Now, repack your boxes and frames, your miserable shackles
and give me back the time stolen
by those years, decades of ignorance.

At least give me the time that is left

To sit through your posturing and gesticulations.
No, don’t give it back: I’m taking it.
It is up to me to finally abide in time

©FJ August 2021
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