Setting The Text On Fire

It has now become possible to name ‘Christ’ every contact between the Spirit and Man.
Everytime the Spirit seeds the heart of Man, Christ is born.

The narrative detour is an external teaching tool, a medium for transmission.
It is neutral, for it only takes a pair of ears in which it can be dropped…even a dried-up, closed-up heart, even the most barren soil can receive it, and lay it someplace, waiting for the right moment.

By materializing a process, narration allows a frozen, plastic-made version of inner realities, in the same way the front window of Japanese restaurants often present a 3D version of their menus for foreigners who struggle with the local language.

When Man has been crossed by the Spirit, the only spiritual food he knows and cherish is made of plastic. Not once has he stepped in the restaurant to be faced with a hot meal.

Inevitably, the narrative process is a remote process.
Once the Spirit enters the heart of Man, the narration suddenly makes sense and loses its appeal, at the same time.
It becomes the moon the wise man is pointing to.

When the Spirit seeds the heart of Man, the text is set ablaze, and disappears,
While in the Heart, twinkle letters of fire.

Franck Joseph

©FJ Sept. 2021
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