Essential Detour / Space Remains Space

It was healthy, life-saving for him to proclaim the joy he felt after he had discovered Mahayana.
Yet, in light of what he perceives today, his belief that no other way could ever offer such a breadth was erroneous… It was the result of a lack of perspective.

His gratitude towards the Way isn’t diminished in any way. He now realizes the space offered by Mahayana, is not a peculiarity of Mahayana.
Without this detour, he would never have been able to identify the nature of space in other traditions…Never would have he realized the nature of space could not change. Space remains space.
Now, he could see beyond conceptual gesticulations (Mahayana, itself is not free from such phenomena.)
The opening of the Center knows no limit.
The bareness of Mahayana, of Zen open to such a boundless space.

Today, whatever tradition you lay your eyes on, they see through conceptual layers and embrace that same space,
infinite opening,
collecting all movements of consciousness

Franck Joseph
©FJ Sept 2021
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