Gratitude Toward Mind-Winds

I feel gratitude for these concerns, compulsions and circular thoughts that keep arising again and again in my mind,
Those mental energies which agitate this mind at night and take it hostage throughout the day.

They actually convey a wise teaching by indicating precisely matters I need to stop trying to control.
It is the absence of grip that haunts me : the parts of my environment that I can control do not have this intrusive power nor do they cause as much devastation in my psychic frame.

It is my rough edges of uncertainty and the salient parts of failing faith that allow the elements of everyday life to come and get clogged up with such a vivid suffering.

Had I had « faith as small as a mustard seed » they would not find a favorable surface and would slide along the smooth edges of my being.
To stop them from peeling my nerves with so much cruelty, it is necessary that my faith grow.

©FJ Nov 2021
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