Minimalist Wisdom

There is no need to inform at all costs, whether we are in a didactic context (student information), therapeutic situation (physiological information), teaching wisdom (information on our spiritual being).
The pupil, the body, or the disciple can therefore be drowned under a mass of information…
The one who feeds them often does not master the contradictory aspects and reciprocal neutralizations, of aggravation of the pre-informational state.

The acupuncture point, the therapeutic axis is coherent, powerful and rich in potentialities when it is unique, or when it is skillfully combined with two or three other notions (from the teacher), therapeutic approaches (from the doctor), or words of wisdom (from the master).

In the exact same way an 18-note music chord is no longer aesthetically pleasing and cannot fit into a compositional framework worthy of being heard.
The excess in the number of words inhibits the unfolding of harmonics in the ear of the music lover, the music no longer is.

Just as the Swiss-Army-knife therapist who opens all these tools at once has a means of action without any real grip on the context,
the dispersed teacher often drowns the student in a ton of information that is largely deprived of any use,
and the master, ebullient and full of words, loses touch with the happiness of the disciple.

©FJ Nov 2021
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