Eventually, All Evil Masterminds Fail

Whatever this person may do, he will never own the Earth,
Nor the heart of free Men,
–The free heart of Men.

Every morning, new morning,
Every rising sky, an open window
To set the Spirit free.

The one who thinks he owns the Earth and the Heart of Man
Must roll out the thick carpet of illusions,
And blow his fetid breath.

Under each opening sky, he must reorganize
The conditions for fear
And rearrange his plans to invade our minds.

This person, how could he not die ?

Divine Nature, every morning,
Floods everything with freshness,
Every sky appearing blows away the fictitious dust.
In the most baffling, natural way.

In this prison built by the jailer around us
Every breath in, every morning of breathing,
is a bar disappearing.

In the house of bricks
Whenever the sky of Man reflects the divine river
Another wall collapses.

Franck Joseph
©FJ Dec 2021
Many thanks to all.

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