Lame Ducks And Myself

Sophie walked a little bit closer to the group of people talking and heard the prominent disciple, the one everyone would swear he would succeed the master, as he said to other wannabes

She heard him complain about other embers of the community : « How am I supposed handle that team of lame ducks, they are all drowning in their own mental slump … What am I supposed to expect from us ? »

Sophie had uttered those words with regard to the same people ; she had mumbled them in the direction of that same lot, all ensnared in their networks of suffering.

When hearing this fragment of conversation, she laid her eyes on the sadness emanating from the one who pronounced at the moment.
She suddenly realized that she was, in the exact same way, a lame duck, all ensnared in muddy waters.
The mere fact she had thought she was of any greater worth than others, was sufficient to prove to her, that she wasn’t fighting any different fight.

FJ Jan 2022
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