Contacting Fragility

Arrogance is often the stark outcome of a fragility which has been disconnected from reality.
This is as painful as the screeching sound of an engine when it’s stuck in third gear as the car speeds up beyond 60mph.
As irritating to the soul, as polluting.
As ridiculous, sometimes.

And extremely efficient when it comes to burying deep down, as a solution unconsciously chosen by the individual wrapped in arrogance.
He simply does not know how to proceed to harness his soul fragility to the horses of reality.
If he ever succeeded in doing this, he would have no other choice but to display emotional vulnerability and wear emotional fragility over the shoulder.
He has not contacted the inner strength yet…
The relation necessary to allow reality to surface has not happened yet.
The choice of Life has not been made.

As a consequence, he drapes himself in the shrieking sounds od arrogance and wears out his system’s mechanisms as he moves further away form his Nature.

I see two manners of helping this person :
– Cultivating a see-through vision : Seeing that frustrated fragility, the unknown emotion hidden away behind arrogance. This means not letting the other locking himself up in the image he shows.
(Not taking the key he’s handing us from inside his cell, but leaving the gate open.)

-Trying to contact this fragility, as it keeps pushing from the swamps, and allow it to surface, not through circular behaviors of fakeness, overacting, dripping emotions…
Contacting this fragility as we contact unfolding reality, letting life undulate in the freshness of long grass hills.

Such a practice of contact, of relation to fragility is a teaching of relation to others.
As with any bright teaching, it is never fully conceptualized or formalized.
It reflects…in the same way no one has ever chosen to place a rising sun at the bottom of his pupils.
This child is already showing what he cannot perceive at the moment.

©FJ Fev 2021
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