Fleeing Fear

Outer fright aiming at population control
Echoes an inner fear, often unconscious, planted by a skillful figure, in order to maintain control over the individual.

The sphere of our intimacy is the first row when it comes to observing such a phenomenon : child/parent, couple relationships, friends…
This fear may take a different face and is often accompanied with movements of counter-balancing and reversing of power ratio.
This is often an unconscious extension of a fright one of the actors may have experienced in the past.

This sort of communication is unable to ensure any blossoming of the individual’s soul.
It works in a close circuit and attempts, in a never-ending loop, to convey a message in the wrong language.

It is possible that such a person meet a traveler coming from a continent of intimacy where such a terror had reigned.
This traveler, will have walked through that fear and will know how to hear such a piercing message of suffering and bring an end to this infernal circular expression.

©FJ March 2022
Many thanks to all.

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  1. It took me a while to get my head around the first line, as « population control » tends to the implication of a policy aiming at restricting birth rate or, maybe immigration; more generally state manipulation of the ideas and behaviours of the populace it governs. I think, probably, you mean, rather, « control of those around us »? Our desire to control others mirrors the extent to which we have experienced controlling behaviour? By letting go of the fear of being controlled, we may let go the desire to control others?

    Not an easy process, but possible. The process, however, must commence within each individual – otherwise the voice of that traveller will be blocked by the barriers by which control is exerted.


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