Saved From Waters ?

Self-centeredness is sometimes the only path an individual can take to avoid being swept away in the midst of the gusts of life.
Like everyone else, winds hit him on the skull and blow in his ears.
However, they blow much stronger and sometimes crack open the pool of tears, as the winds pin him to the ground.

These are torrents of tears soured by the accumulated salt of time.
As long as we perceive this person as a self-centered being, we understand nothing the stories of tears.
It removes any dent through which we could that we could peer into the long-guarded waters.
He thus avoids the occasions of spilling himself on the world.

©FJ April 2022
Groupe De Pratique
Many thanks to all

4 commentaires

  1. As a child, I learned (through hours spent on school rugby fields on Welsh mountain sides during winter) to deal with biting cold winds. Relax, visualise yourself as « not there », and feel the wind blow « through » you without resistance.

    Perhaps a similar approach would deal with the winds of life and experience that you reference, without the need for tears.

    Though such detachment may seem the more self-centred.

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  2. I like this compassionate and powerful poem. I agree that it isn’t really selfish or self centered to take care of yourself, as it is necessary before we can offer help to others. And like you point out, compassion and understanding are needed for others (and ourselves), rather than judgment.

    I appreciate you following my blog 🙂

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