« Are you one of ours ? »

See : The urgency for them has now become clear :
Disconnecting people, disconnecting them from their true nature.
By imposing, through violent hammer blows from the media, a totally artificial world.

Hell, Inferno, (latin : infernus, means maintaining the souls in the underworlds– inferior strata.
Hell is about lockdown.

Look now, what is going on right under your eyes : the cell closes in on people’s surface consciousnesses.
They greedily get bogged down in the materials of manufactured identity quests.

From balconies, office floors, they are thrown useless scraps, shapeless bits, sharp shards.
They can’t hear the laughs or see the smirks as beings start knitting an identity for themselves.

It was necessary to wait until all the doors were closed and the windows and hatches boarded up.
It was necessary to wait until they forgot the world outside the concrete of the inner courtyard.

Now has come the time for synthesizing the feelings of belonging, of rejection,
For coating everything with a thick layer of totalitarian benevolence.
Then, no one will dare to escape and become an outcast, a target for acceptable, unbridled violence.

From the bottom of the soul rises a glint still infusing at the back of some eyes we can meet.
Having refused the confinement of the concrete courtyard as the only horizon,
They still remember the magnitude of their origin.

And all the counterfeit chemistry poured in to maintain the mist of falsehood,
Sprinkled on the menus,
Diffused to cover the persisting rancid smell ,
And the chaos of conversations,
Injected right under the skins,

Can never make them forget the scent of iodine, the green of chlorophyll,
The chill of the autumn winds, the shiver in the leaves.

As long as these are there,
Unfit for concrete,
The hope of liberation remains.

©FJ May 2022
Groupe de Pratique

Many thanks to all

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