The Call 2/3

(Part One : The Call 1/3)

1 : Hearing the call
2 : realizing this has been a call all along

In my life, 1 and 2 have been successive steps, leading to
3 : gratitude.
1 : Can be so explosive, appearing in so many forms, so physically and psychologically rearranging, upending our whole relation to the world, completely remolding our existence,
to such an extent that we don’t even realize it,
We don’t even realize it is It.
We do not realize realization is happening because it’s too busy happening and its processes are manifold, not necessarily perceived as one process at play.

2 : Realization, looking back on the path we have walked (been accompanied along) appears at sunrise.

3 : Gratitude stems from this understanding : (in French : Re-co-naissance)

Born again with
Born again through
Born again in

Gratefulness for gracefulness.
Thankful to that which is Beyond
The frameworks of religions
And cannot be encapsulated in a word.

©FJ April 2022Groupe De Pratique

Many thanks to all

2 commentaires

  1. Hmm.
    Or perhaps « realising that one is hearing what has always been there »?
    Then « realising where, or from where, the path is leading you »?
    To me, looking back (if that is a sensible concept), there is an apparent pattern.
    I cannot prove it is a pattern that was set, save by me and the choices I made. There must always be a path to the present, after all, and what will be is only the continuation of what is.
    The beyond? I suspect it is one with what is here and now, if we could only lay aside the illusion of time and sense.
    I would probably speak in terms of « a new venture » rather than « born again ». The latter term is too much misused by those who invest in a certain doctrinal oppression.

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