The completeness that we fantasize about when we meet again and contemplate our young years, does not exist in the past.

It only exists in the present.
The fantasy is the result of a process of self-blinding, a selective vision of a slice of bygone life where youth is injected ex post.

But youth has never really experienced itself as youth.

It is a relative consideration which has no standalone reality.
Apart from the perspective of a mental outlook on past years, it simply isn’t.

The anxieties that were specific to youth are no longer those of the adult who contemplates this youth, they are not present in this artificial re-shaping.
When we look back on our younger years, we are doomed to overlooking these realities, for they are not present in us as we engage in this ‘exercise’.

The aging adult, imbued with serenity, summons a youth that he necessarily colors with this same serenity since it is the matrix where memory simmers.

Thus, nostalgia is essentially a cognitive bias, a sweet escape from the present moment. While never being anything other than this present moment, as far back in time as these synthetic memories and emotions take us.

©FJ April 2022
Groupe De Pratique
Merci à tous…

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