Bald Head

Are we able to look at the conceptual layer of our religion ?
When we have braided into a mat all the concepts that this religion has produced over its development, we must take our courage with one hand and way down to the root of conceptual vines, without complaining, without finding justifications, and hold the mat lower, lower.

With the other hand, the axe of practice-experience
And cut clean.

©FJ May 2022

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Many thanks to all

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  1. When asked whether I have a religion, I tend to answer: « I bloomin’ well hope not! »
    Partly because I refuse fixed concepts. Beliefs are mutable, changing. Rituals are merely repetitive behaviour, no different to a regular, morning coffee.
    You may recall my dislike of « faith » in this context.
    Everything is sacred while it exists. Nothing is so sacred it cannot be abandoned.

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