Sieve Of Practice

While meditating, we can easily follow the oscillations between the center and the periphery.
For the one who listens, it is possible, at any time, to know whether this activity is emerging from the mind or from the innermost being.

Once we have become familiar with this oscillating movement, and although it seems to move alone from one pole to the other, it is interesting to use this movement in order to check which is the active pole during such and such phenomenon.

I’m talking here about activating beliefs: let’s deliberately summon one item from our arsenals of religious beliefs and see « whence it moves in us »…
Assuredly, it is indeed the peripheral pole of the mind which gets going and sizzles at all costs.
So when we put beliefs through the sieve of practice. They are left with only a few pebbles of disheartened concepts – unfit to penetrate the core.

We then need the courage to lay the sieve with these few shapeless twigs…
And join the flow.
Enter the current that flows from time to time and does not come or go.
In the river, the rumblings of the mountains the calm of the ocean depths join together.

©FJ May 2022
Many thanks to all

Un commentaire

  1. This seems to suggest all belief is peripheral.
    It may be so. I would not regard any belief as being fundamental or foundational. None cannot be abandoned. Maybe, in due course, all should be – and will.
    But, then, what, if anything, is foundational?
    Maybe, simply, « being »? Maybe, the realisation that one « is »?
    But if I assert that, is it not liable to become a belief? To become peripheral? Liable to abandonment?
    Maybe, then, « non-being », a state in which all thought resolves and becomes… What?

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