Backstage Stress

It happens often that a trivial event, without great importance and relating to everyday life more than to the breach of normality, comes to occupy the front of our mind stage.

Something trifling then resonates within us as if it were a major problem…
It is highly likely that this event (or this non-event) has a high screening capacity.
It is thus elected in the foreground for its ability to conceal a deeper stress that one is not able to address in the moment.

Nevertheless, we feel the effects of such an underlying cause and, unable to treat the cause, we seize on a trivial element of our daily life to face this orphan stress.

The mismatch between the emotional reaction and the reality of the trigger is an indicator of the presence of a problem that for temporary reasons (no means of action for the moment) or structural (psychological problems) we cannot confront.

The awareness of such an inadequacy is an invitation to redirect this little light on the psychic leavings in order to bring out the contours of the actor that we cannot distinguish. The solution then passes through the recognition of our inability to manage the problem (let us accept that this central character — the cause of the underlying stress– is, for the moment, unknown to us.)

However threatening or unappealing it stands on our inner stage, it carries information, perhaps not directly, but by the fact that we do not know it is.
What does that say about us? About the play ?

Strategies parallel to the one described here will be found in humor, a modality in which some people lock themselves up, so as not to approach the subject of anxiety too close.

The effectiveness of this humor cover is important and gives this strategy a multiplied concealing power (because the feedback from the social group is very positive and encourages an ever deeper burial in these humorous mechanisms).
Also, the strategy of the common enemy, consisting in designating the first subject that passes (trivial event) as responsible for all our ills at the forefront of the mind), so as not to have to deal with the root cause, the actor in the darkness, subject of real stress.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

3 commentaires

  1. You appear to postulate that we have an impenetrable capacity for self deception.

    You may be right. But that raises the question as to how any specific solution can be known not to be self-delusion also.

    Perhaps the answer is systemic. To tackle not a specific cause of distress, but the distress itself, neutralising the cause by robbing it of its effect.

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    1. ….like a domino you would remove along the line, so as to inhibit the debilitating collapse.
      The art of defusing ?

      As far as I can remember, this post was about how seemingly unimportant matter can end up occupying all of our mental space,
      and the message such an unexpected hijack of our mind can carry.

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    2. It certainly deals with yet another trick to delude ourselves.
      Self deception.

      “Natura abhorret a vacuo ”
      it works with our mind as well.

      Dealing with emptiness, yet, is the key

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