« Don’t Call Me Master »

For the self-proclaimed master, the claim to experience matters more than the experience itself.
The authentic master has actually gone through the experience.
The claim to a master status is completely indifferent to him.
He cares as little about he status of the master, as he does about the status of non-master.

Thus, he happens to be a master,
He happens to have disciples
As he happens not to.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

7 commentaires

  1. I had forgotten I once had been made aware of this.
    Seriously : I had no idea but I love it.
    I tend to consider myself as a chatelain (esp. when alone and walking through the house in (what I consider to be) the most gracious steps on Earth.
    From now on, I’ll refer to my male offspring as ‘Masters’.
    (One of them is named Robin…So if you ever walk by my house you might hear me shout ‘Master Robin of Locksley’, would you please be so kind as tidy up that space of yours, will you ? »)

    Oh and if you do walk by my house, I mean, in real life, please let me know,
    We shall go for a walk through Sherwood Forest (at least, its local variation)

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