All There Is To Know

It is true that, by the way you hit the bowl, I know everything there is to know about you.
What is said there is of the utmost importance.
What is not said there, does not deserve to be mentioned.

Also, by the way I light incense,
You will find all there is to know about me.

All my knowledge is there.
If you don’t receive it now, you will never receive it.
Anything that is not present in this gesture is not worth teaching.
Over time, I’ve learnt a lot from the way I light incense.

The sound of the bowl lets you know about yourself,
Did you know that ?

©FJ June 2022 — Photo Credit : Bob M
Groupe de Pratique

5 commentaires

    1. So you do use bowl.
      What difference does it make ?
      The way we walk, move, grab, drop,
      bring the spoon to mouth
      is just as much telling.

      hitting the bowl may simply be an arbitrary idiosyncratic use the object.

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