Total Crash

We are currently undergoing the latest stages in a financial bubble situation.
Here, I am not just talking about what has been happening on the stock markets for more than 10 years, a phenomenon for which all the experts agree that the question is not to know whether there is a bubble in progress but rather when it is going to burst.

The financial bubble is here transposable to our daily life as a whole.
This goes well beyond the speculative phenomenon we have become more or less familiar with.

Our shared reality is a huge speculative bubble.
It is even possible that this strictly financial phenomenon is only the distant echo on the markets of a meta-bubble.
Everything around is speculative.

The specific logic of the financial manifestations of the bubble is always the same.
Nothing has changed since the pathological overvaluation of the tulip bulb in Holland.
Players assign a price to an asset greater than its intrinsic value and then find themselves embroiled in a snowball effect where any overvaluation leads to an increase in valuation which then drives prices ever higher.
Without anyone noticing the discrepancy between the value granted and the fair value.

The direction of our current society, which, observed from inside the bubble it has become usual agreed to call “evolution of lifestyles”, follows a similar curve :
The most outrageous behaviors focus an interest of the players, which itself invites to overrate these behaviors, creating a typically speculative runaway effect.
The indexing on common sense is increasingly thinner and ends up disappearing completely without anyone among the players involved really noticing.

People then find themselves consenting prisoners of the bubble and, boosted by the compulsive injections of the media, themselves prey to these chaotic moves, are unable to realize the unreal nature of the psycho-pathological swelling in which they are just as much victims as architects.

Any outer signal (philosopher, historian, politician, etc.) pointing to the collective danger of the moral curve followed is ignored, understated or vilified.

However, that doesn’t change anything. A bubble is a bubble, and its nature is ultimately to self-destruct. Whatever we say or think.
The sudden alignment of prices with real value will be all the more painful the later the bubble bursts.

The financial bubble is a fractal phenomenon.
By induction, it teaches us about a mass psychological mechanism (under the frantic figures of stock market logic, it is nothing but psychology)
This psychological bubble itself, is a fractal phenomenon.
By induction again, it directs us towards understanding the nature of our relationship to the world : A bubble in which we lock ourselves up, and which we maintain and blow from the inside,
A bubble whose speculative nature eludes us all the more that we have been consolidating it through our beliefs for ages,
A bubble subject to the same runaway effect and doomed to bursting.

When relevant analysts (wise men, prophets, etc.) point out the illusory reality and inevitability of suffering, we react with ignorance, minimization, or mockery,

When the sage shows the bubble,
The fool sees neither the bubble, nor the sage, nor the finger.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

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