Have You Seen The Impetus ?

I enter into real practice
Whenever I do not follow up on the impulse of self-valorization,
Whenever, unable to contain it, I work to make it less prominent,
Each time that, having been unable to make them less salient, I sincerely regret its presence.

Between these three levels of practice, the variable is that of the more or less sharpened velocity in noting.
With practice comes agility.

We can get to the point where the impetus itself no longer really appears, or barely in a diffuse form, with a scent of the past,
Like a specter from a distant era whose contours hardly reveal any figure,
a shell abandoned by its host.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

2 commentaires

  1. I guess.
    And what about desiring the absence of desire ?
    This is a contradiction only in appearances : though the same signifier is used twice it does not refer to the same signified.
    The former is in reality an expression of our Awakened Nature.

    So they say

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