2020: Health Crisis :Individual Rocket

There is a brutal and pernicious distortion of the representative framework of citizens.
The very module by which they apprehend the world is now tampered with.

The module has several floors. Each floor communicates with the previous one.
There is a property of capillarity from the outside to the inside.

The most superficial level is a common module of ‘shared’ representation.
It is constituted by the legal and administrative frameworks, the socio-cultural data which qualify the different groups.
The realization of this module, the design and the contours are ensured by the political-media complex.
Engineering, here, if not the result of a particular off-screen group, is the product of a loop phenomenon in the general system.
The narrow social module is constituted by our close friends and family.

The second module determines the operational functions of the subjects.
It designs the modalities of interactions between them.

The last, more intimate module, is the strictly psychological one, related to mind functioning, to the biological idiosyncrasies of the individual.

The absorption of the second module by the first one (I.e, a destruction of family and social circles ) allows to break into the psyches of the individual.
Firewalls and protection systems can no longer restrain the ardor of the intention to hack into our system.

The individual, by the destruction of the buffer constituted by the family, is thus forcibly stolen from his own consciousness, trafficked in the experience he has of himself.
Reversible, transparent, it now becomes public property.

The three-module rocket was inverted,
The collective emanation (a healthy, functional third module) of individual fulfillment (healthy functional of first module) can no longer exist.
Henceforth, individual slavery, dispossession, preemption, expropriation operates from the outside and comes down to define the individual, by denying its existence.
This is where totalitarianism can be observed.

What does it mean to be an individual, according to engineers of this reprogramming operation ?
It is no longer being an individual.

They didn’t know yet, that some people actually had a fourth module, deeply buried, unreachable, in some other dimension, forever inaccessible to privacy hackers.

©FJ June 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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