The Greatest Impostor Has A Name

To the superficial eye, the deconstruction tunnel into which the zealous captains of our societies(*) want to force us and the realization of the non-substantial nature of our persons (anatta) seem to be two points along the same line,
one expressing a psycho-social data and the other translating this same dynamic in the spiritual domain.
In reality, it is a major deception.

On the contrary, these two points are present on lines with opposite directions.
On the one hand, alienation emerges of deconstruction of the individual,
On the other, liberation, the fruit of a process of transcending these attachments to identifications.

The mix-up could come from the following similarity between these two terms:
the setting in motion of the individual from his zone of identification.
In both cases, in fact, he is led to leave it.

The keen eye will see that if there is a departure, one follows a regressive direction while the other will overcome the blockages encountered on the path of investigation of ones’ deeper nature.

The difference is the same as the one that can be observed between the pre-linguistic chaos (pre-logos) of a fetal psyche where total confusion reigns, and the entry of the realized being into The Beyond, a process of fusion with the All-One.

Confusion Vs. Fusion.
Passing off the regression towards the confused whole for a progression, an elevation of the individual constitutes the ultimate fraud.

And it takes a mind where there is already a significant amount of confusion to buy into it.
Beings whose inner realities have been superficially investigated will reel under the attacks of these captains of perdition. (Let us rather call them: “pirates of collective structures, now going after individual psychic structures”)

Let’s now come back to the tree and the fruits,
The pursuit of greater confusion by de(con)struction of the individual (gender, sexuality, professional and family role, education, culture, history, etc.) produces an increase in anxiety, while the pursuit of an investigation of the structures awareness as an honest and dedicated practice, leads to liberation and joy.

-Confusion / alienation/ anxiety
-Fusion /liberation /joy

One cannot imagine a worse impostor than the one who will pass off the former for the latter.
There is a name, reserved for millenia, for such a person.

(*)It is as an object of social engineering (and the underlying intentions) that the topic is here dealt with
Obviously there is no pretension to take part to the weighing of souls or search hearts and kidneys.

©FJ September 2022
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8 commentaires

    1. Just a note,
      not structured or engineered in any way.
      Just a note out of exasperation, when I hear about ‘progress’ applied to ‘social’ ‘civilizational’ and ‘spiritual’ …and notice it is nothing but a trojan horse for wokism, cancel culture and other unrooted jibberish aiming at further blurring people.


    1. You’re flattering me…it reminds me of Joyce’s Dubliners, that was the first time I heard this expression, back in Brit Lit class.

      This short text has no pretension of reaching anything deserving to be called ‘a genre’.

      Aimé par 1 personne

  1. Is not every writing part of a « genre » of some sort? Even if it is a genre of one (until imitated, whether or not consciously)

    Those who analyse and cannot see or accept the whole..

    Those who seek out a perception of the whole

    The former cannot know themselves or any other, but claim to understand life itself by studying the chemicals of DNA

    The latter will quickly learn to ignore the former.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  2. Who said experts know pretty much everything on pretty much nothing?

    are you referring to our discussion about literary genres or to the content of this short text ?

    Concerning the text, I’d say the wider the perspective on get on this topic, the scarier it gets….until we cross a threshold after which not much really matters.)

    Only big-mouthed Short-sighted analysts, be they over-graduated, can still see this in terms of natural socio/eco/psycho phenomena.

    Aimé par 1 personne

  3. Oh, leave it there, Simon,
    I’m just a poor boy, I need no sympathy.

    I like it when Farouk (Freddie) grips on to life (ego ?) again and comes back with … »so you think you can stone me and spit in my eye …. »

    times ahead, necessarily.

    Aimé par 1 personne

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