Creative Idleness

By what you perceive as idleness, flitting,
I work, in reality, for the completeness of my being.

Idleness: I observe the abacus of life under unexpected angles.

I touch it gently, I learn the abacus beyond the abacus,
I get to know the abacus ahead of the abacus.

Fluttering : I treat each line with the respect it deserves,
I add one ball at a time, so no line will be finished while I still do not know the first thing about the others.

Each abacus ball is touched in its own turn, wonderful and unexpected.
At the end of my life, I will no longer have to question the abacus on what it has reveal.
I will have heard it and I will know.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

8 commentaires

  1. I ‘d never heard of worry beads..
    Here’s what I found on wikipedia, (they do refer to a superstitious use.)

    « used to pass time in Greek and Cypriot culture.’
    for relaxation, enjoyment, and generally passing the time,
    as an amulet, to guard against bad luck,
    used by people who wish to limit smoking,
    as a mark of power and social prestige. »

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    1. I’ve read the origin of Islamic rosary was Christian…
      (Not the recitation, practice, just the beaded counting tool)
      Clearly, we have a problem with patents and copyrights.
      You should investigate this and see who’s stolen whom, and what compensations can be claimed.

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    1. Yes….When I was young I used to say that I had « the luxury of wasting time »…
      I now realize that the shorter the amount of time available, the higher the luxury.

      What I call here ‘luxury’ (in a poor translation from the French) is actually what you name Timelessness.
      Idleness is the precursor to inner experience.
      Business is the enemy.

      Thanks for the insight.

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