Yashodara : Who is Coming Back ?

When the Buddha saw his wife, Yashodara, return, the one near whom he had enjoyed all pleasures of life,
he did not tremble with joy.

It was not her husband she was finding. And it wasn’t his wife he saw approaching.
However, they had never left each other. All this is mysterious, simple and mysterious.
I hear the sound of liberation, it’s a paper that we tear.

The gesture of liberation is so light, invisible for the one who resides.
The weights keep in the dust.
It is a pivoting, both tiny and astounding,
A deployment, in all dimensions of space.

If the one you see is there, his eyes are looking through you.
If he speaks to you, these words are some distant cracklings,
Coming from a dying fire of himself.

©FJ July 2022
Groupe de Pratique

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  1. Things you own end up owning you.
    It works for freedom as well.
    You refer to  » what is grasped as freedom » : This as never been freedom anywhere but in the mind of the possessor.
    Fake(d) mastership and rotten transmissions are truly frightening in the potential of destruction and suffering they convey.

    « freedom is the antithesis of property » : This statement is the antithesis of a certain theology of prosperity (not sure of the correct translation, here)
    The freedom given by the Kingdom is attainable (contactable) through utter detachment (non- attachment)

    The synonym of freedom is non attachment.
    What master would have been a Jesus sitting in a material throne and going from palace to palace ? (in other words : how can we ever give anything coming out of the Vatican one second of attention…?)


  2. The correct translation rather depends on what you are translating. I assume you mean the idea that deity blesses with material possessions. Not sure of the title of that.

    The « kingdom », also, only has meaning within Christian theology. I am unsure, also, of the idea of freedom being « given » – again, that strays into the language of property.

    The Vatican… the palace… the parliament… the assembly… the cathedral…

    All pretty much the same difference.

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  3. I was referring to a certain belief in a form of evangelism whose name I’m unsure of, where mundane success is perceived as a manifestation of God’s favours.
    Freedom can only be ‘given’.
    ‘given’, as in this is a ‘given’, as in what I believe is referred to as ‘the Commons’.
    You just listed of all types of ‘ Ekklēsia’…Isn’t there any form which form of assembly which finds favour with you ?

    As years went by, Close relatives aside, of course, however transitory this statement can be, I could not name one that still finds favour with me.
    Cruel Monday.

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  4. By definition, any day imposing its schedule on you, when you have more important ‘business’ to attend, (however secondary those businesses may be deemed by the gross eye of society),
    is cruel.
    This is a cruel world.
    The trick, I know, is to convince ourselves that there is fulfillment to be found once we perceive this sphere of cruelty is our sphere of practice.
    This, too, is cruel.

    Well, Mondays are certainly less painful than their anticipation on a Sunday Evening.

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