Great Reset : A Desperate Attempt

A theory crosses my mind.
Right now, in the middle of an autumnal jog : it is related to the chaotic events that we are collectively experiencing.

Although I do not claim to have coined anything here, I do not seem to have heard it relayed anywhere, which, of course, is in no way a guarantee of its non-existence.
Zeitgeist wants it otherwise.

In any case, at this moment this theory hatches in my mind, so I’ve rushed home to take a few notes : here they are.
If I present it here in an affirmative form, it is not the result of an arrogant confidence in what it contains but a desire not to resort to an endless questioning of the type: « What if…? » »

What we are presented with as the Great Reset, the New World Order… is not the emergence of a plot fomented for decades aimed at placing the humanity under the yoke of a techno-dictatorial delirium.
There is no elite powerful enough to instrumentalize reality to the point of forcing it to enter the dark tunnel that it would have prepared for such purpose.

What is happening and which makes us shudder so much, causing up to a third of Western societies to experience anxiety, even panic, is the emergency resort to a scenario fantasized by so-called secret societies and made up of people from the ruling classes circles.
The causal link must then be reversed.

It is not the application of the Great Reset that has earned us the multi-systemic collapse that we are witnessing, petrified by the permanent contradictory injunctions that are sent to our faces through various screens.

The financial, ecological, intellectual, energy collapse… has been going on for several years and all attempts to hide it are increasingly failing to do so.

The scenario on which the double reduction of the population is inscribed (chronologically, in number, then to the status of slave of a dominant caste) is now undergoing a desperate attempt at tearing reality to squeeze in.
The goal for the caste in question is not to see its daily life crushed in the same way as the average person and to maintain the upper hand it has enjoyed for so long, in one form or another.

The Great Reset is the last chance these people have not to be flattened by the the history of the universe great groomer.
This perspective immediately removes the fatalism that one can feel when undergoing the onslaught of propaganda associated with the Great Reset.
Indeed, saying that something is going to happen, saying that we want something to happen, shouting this intention to everyone’s ears, repeating it again and again via all possible means…is not enough for it to happen.

The inevitable collapse of our ongoing systems is very likely to be tsunami-like, while the Great Reset is a matter of a few sand bricks piled on the beach with a plastic trowel.

We are not their toy.
This impression has arisen from the frightening distortion that the narrative can sculpt in our minds. Thus, the engineers of this horror plan will be swept away along with the collapsing system, from which they are, ultimately, inseparable.

They are the baby, the bathwater, the tub, the source and the pipes of what is so noisily crumbling.
And all of this must go.

They control the narrative and the vectors of the narrative.
They do not control reality.
The real is almighty
The real is the Almighty.

They’re not.

© October 2022
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3 commentaires

    1. I had to look up « cock up ».
      Eventually, whatever the perspective we adopt, it all boils down to human stupidity.
      Or arrogance, or ignorance, …which are other aspects of it.
      Conspiracy theory, according to you would be projecting their own ability to organize thoughts onto a bunch of lame ducks ?
      Mhhh…This is what I meant, I think (though you stated it in a blunter fashion.)

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