The Wheel Disappears

The Buddha speaks to my consciousness about something it knows.
Christ speaks to my heart about something it knows.

Today, listening to the heart of Jesus, I hear the depths of Buddhism,
Following the Buddha’s paths of consciousness, I hear the heart of Christ beating.

Both messages are one,
The heart of mindfulness is the mindfulness of the heart.
Both spokes of the wheel meet at the hub at a single point.

There, heart and consciousness are but words
Reality happens upstream.

The point of the hub looks freely,One or the other of the rays, in the same look
Circumference talks are all exhausted.
The paths of the spokes devour and wear themselves out
At the secret point of the hub, the wheel disappears.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

2 commentaires

    1. I think one can only hear what one knows,
      And understand what has already been understood,
      One can only see what is part of one’s own inner landscapes.
      Like words’ meaning can only be integrated when they sound close enough to our language.

      Thank you, Simon.

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