Culprit By Default : New Paradigm

The highlighting of the expression “asymptomatic patient”, that we have noticed throughout thos covid years, could very well be the health counterpart of an upcoming end of the presumption of innocence, in the strict legal sense as well as in a deeper psychological interpretation.

The dark omen of the Kafkaesque world we have entered.
Unless it is a bodily update of a reality which had been concealed up to now.

Be that as it may, we are faced with a deadly logic that must be defused urgently, because the extensions of the lines that we see taking shape bring out a dreadful landscape.

‘Asymptomatic patient’ : Sick or not, whether you like it or not, you have become a patient.

This expression makes it possible to create anxiety of guilt in the healthy individual.
Guilty by default, in his own body, he is on his way to, so have we been told, “kill grandpa and grandma”.

We have allowed the police state in our bodies.
The “surveillance of all by all” we heard in the mouth of the President of Virtuous, Non Conspiracy-Theorist Citizens.
It is of course not insignificant that such guilt brought about by the health authorities is accompanied by a massive deployment of surveillance cameras and other paired antennas.

After the culprit by default, the asymptomatic patient, are we going to become the unworthy parent ?
It would then be appropriate for each parent or adult wishing to become one, to prove their ability to exercise this function.

Leaving aside the cold mechanization that is associated with this vision of things expressed in such terms, it is absolutely necessary to emphasize that such models of “original sin” (sick body, unworthy parent, presumed guilty, etc.) can only be established on the condition of existence of an entity recognized as able to decide, not whether one is guilt or not, since it is a state of affairs in such a system, but on the absolution of such and such.

In the lands of faithlessness, no other that the State shall bring thee absolution.

Of course, some representation of the God of the Old Testament is not far off. “I declare you a sinner. Prove me wrong. »

Surprisingly, I do not wish to dwell on a societal interpretation of these theological representations. However, this is not without interest, since it may potentially be one of the causes explaining that such a model is taking hold before our eyes today with so little resistance.

Drained by the incessant downpours of foolishness and ransacked by educational landslides, the soil of minds has been brought to a sufficient level of barrenness to receive those greyish concrete constructions.
The horse has been injured enough not to rear up.

It seems to me that the urgency consists more in highlighting the prospects, rather than in shedding light on the causes. It is too late, already. This near future has already become our present continuous.

As with all consensuses, it is imperative to question the legitimacy we grant to the authority that decides on a possible absolution. All the horror of applying such a system is based on the consensus of legitimacy that we grant to this authority.

These are cognitive processes that take place at an astonishing speed, whose sole interest is to optimize the psychic cost: that is to say that it is infinitely less painful for us to consent to consensus than to confront ourselves with the thousand implications that a questioning its legitimacy could have in our lives.

Indeed, once awareness has been raised on such inner processes, if this is not followed by drastic changes, the pain of cognitive dissonance would be much more unbearable than the distant and diffuse pain we feel as we join our gentle bleat to the herd’s.

It is moreover on such a weakness of soul, such a crying lack of courage that the sustainability of the system that oppresses us rests.
Now this one, for several years, has been flexing his muscles, and making less and less effort to conceal his hoarse voice and fetid breath behind a trickle of sweet talk and a smell of benevolence.

Such a gain in confidence reveals the tactical advance that this enemy already has on the ground. Such exposure of his horrible features can also mark the beginning of its fall.

OCT 2022

4 commentaires

    1. Biggest puzzle and the biggest power…granted to the one who gets to decide.
      Rigged testing devices would surely help.
      In the same way one may be to trust in Judicial neutrality outside of the realms of Philosophy of Law.

      In China, they recently tagged political opponents with covid + statuses on demonstration days.

      Just saying…

      Aimé par 1 personne

    1. China is also a model for many Western leaders in terms of population management.
      Some clearly stated it (Trudeau +newly appointed minister in the UK whose name I forgot)

      Let’s hope we don’t experience a shortage in kippers.
      For Justice’s sake

      I feel the perspective you manage to yske on such topics,
      May it somehow reach me…

      Aimé par 1 personne

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