Do Like The Schoolteacher

When kindergarten children are rolling on the carpet, screaming and bumping into each other, all in perfect chaos, sometimes the teacher, with a single clap, sends everyone to sit back down calmly on the benches.

She is then the last surprised. She knows the way of young kids.

The thoughts of the mind are the kindergarten of Consciousness.
They often engage in noisy rolling around, fraught with incoherence, with no necessity other than an energetic discharge from a degenerated system.

In a higher form of consciousness, the teacher who knows their nature and seeks to hold her class to awaken them to learning makes a call to order.
The mere presence of this schoolteacher-consciousness among the child-mind is enough.

There is a wisdom in the same realm where the nature of one commands that of the other.
The third actor in this scene, provided that we have listened well, is the one who is surprised by it, is amused by it in secret.

This is the layer of consciousness in the teacher who knows the role of some and the nature of others, as well as the theatrical aspect of the whole.
This is the person who is not really angry when the teacher yells.

Have you ever noticed how expert she is when it comes to feigning anger ?
Brought back to our architecture of consciousness, who is surprised at the lightness of this game between the master-consciousness and the child-mind ?

A Loving Father, Profound Knowledge, Life.

©FJ August 2022
Groupe de Pratique
Merci à tous

16 commentaires

    1. You succeeded so well that I have difficulties understanding your point…
      This blog is the ‘note’ part.
      The tip of the pen/iceberg.

      The silence part, well, is silent.


      1. I do not know what I communicate.
        I sit in silence and take notes.
        Every 200 pages or so, i bind them in a book

        Really, that is all there is to it,
        On my end…


  1. It looks like I have misinterpreted your response about letting out noise and shouting « yoohoo ». I took that to mean that you saw yourself as trying to communicate silence via the words in your notes as per this blog.
    Which appeared to me rather incongruous. I suspect it will seem so to you as well.
    Hence my attempt to ask « how on earth are you going to express silence by words? » without appearing overly blunt, mocking or sarcastic.
    You would seem to have something of a privileged position. I have a professionally and culturally inbred tendency to be blunt, mocking and sarcastic, generally without caring one way or the other…
    Anyhow, we would seem to have gone down a sort of semantic rabbit hole, itself part of a non-existent warren, via my misreading of your comment.
    I had taken it, also, that the blog title indicated the notes that presented themselves to you during your time of practice in silence. Now, the imagery of the moon and fingers makes me wonder whether you are referencing notes on a practice that points to silence – i.e silence as the destination rather than the inspiration.
    More semantics, and, maybe, a distinction without a difference.
    Either way, that has been an entertaining diversion into the more convoluted paths of confusion…!

    Aimé par 1 personne

    1. I would say silence is the path as much as it is the goal.
      Peeling off all noise layers, through the practice of silent sitting,
      To reach the silent core of reality.
      Here, practice and realization are one

      Have a nice Sunday Simon.

      Aimé par 1 personne

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