And you, have you learned your freedom ?

The outbursts of media violence have torn to pieces the sails of our Ships of Tranquility,
The flashes of political decisions broke our Masts of Recklessness
The Ocean of Freedoms has darkened with the reflection of debilitating clouds
And their locked down horizons.

Yet this storm of unbridled destruction has been our teacher.
This is what has happened.

We have become detached from speeches,
We have freed ourselves from authority.
We have grown up.

From now on, whatever the official declarations and the amount of fear that they convey,
It does not impress any more.

We exist through and beyond.
And against this, there is nothing which can be done.
Forever, this remains inaccessible to them.

This is the work that has been done for 2 years.

And you, have you learned your freedom ?

26 NOV 2022.

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