The Edge Of Vulnerability

In Zazen, I find myself free from all social influence,
pulled out of the relational mud in which I had bogged down,
extracted from the psychological games in which I had allowed myself to be locked up.
I touch the tip of extreme vulnerability and invincibility.

I discover that the two sharp sides of this same sword meet at an ultimate point.
At the cutting edge of this blade, the worlds are pierced effortlessly.

©FJ September 2022
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    1. Mhhh.
      There is a public dimension to bravery.
      (This is unrelated to this post… Of course)
      ..there are times When it needs to be shown, watched, learnt.
      There is a pedagogic side.
      Today, cowardice rules,
      Trembling sheep-like mimicry.
      People are proud of their submission.
      Well, I got carried away.
      See what you make me do….?

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