« In Remembrance Of Me » (1/2)

« Do this in remembrance of me »

I have long seen here a commemoration, a disembodied statement as one celebrates a distant historical event.

“Remember,” Christ tells us,
Remember me.
Invite me, invite me into your life,
By this simple gesture, reconnect with my Nature,
Let my nature become your nature,
Let me give get born within you,
Remember who you are
Remember your divine nature,
Remember your inner being,

Place your consciousness in this sharing movement,
So simple and deep, and do this « in remembrance of me »,
With « me » in your consciousness.
Welcome me and don’t take your eyes off me,
Welcome me into you.

©FJ September 2022
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4 commentaires

  1. Yes, I have.
    Deliberately so.
    I have seen them misused, as instruments of oppression. Set on pedestals they do not deserve, to be used as idols.
    There are those who still suffer under the yoke of the oppressors, through emotional and doctrinal bullying at the hands of social and family groups.
    I am no longer tolerant of this, because it is intolerant.
    I will give no quarter to such.
    Scriptures may not deserve to be treated thus, but neither do those who suffer being beaten by them.

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  2. I understand.

    There are times when showing tolerance in front of intolerance is a major ‘defuser’,
    As intolerance feeds on rejection. (fantasized or effective)
    In other terms : offering space to the narrowness,
    Non reaction as an invitation to….move on to something else (what people trapped in the entanglements you described are merely unable to do as long as they find fuel for identification in other’s words and reactions / where those wear out, they may stand there dumbfounded, and finally move on.

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